Subject to changes in prices, vintages and prior sales.

Donati Vini is selling no wines to under 16 years old and no liquors to under 18 years old persons.

The VAT (7,7% or 2,5%) is included in our rates.

All prices are net prices. Unauthorised commissions will be recharged.

basel region: Free delivery from CHF 300,- (value of goods net). Below CHF 300.- we charge a delivery fee of CHF 16,-.

Switzerland: Deliveries outside the Basel area are made by postal services. The transport costs will be charged to the customer as follows: (1 bottle = 75cl):
1 bottle: CHF 8,-
2-3 bottles: CHF 11,-
4-18 bottles: CHF 17,-
Other units (1 unit = max. 18 bottles): + CHF 17,-
From CHF 801,- (value of goods net) the delivery is free (to one address).

International: All costs for customs, delivery, VAT are charged to the customer. For international shipments we require pre-payment.

We offer the following discounts (not to be combined with other dicounts; rare wines excluded):

from CHF 301,- 2%
from 24 bottles or total value of CHF 601,- 3 %
from 48 bottles or total value of CHF 901,- 5 %
from 96 bottles or total value of CHF 1401,- 8 %
from 120 bottles or total value of CHF 2101,- 10%

We guarantee for a perfect storage of our wines
If a bottle sold by us has any faults, we replace the bottle (if available) or give a credit voucher. Rejected bottles must be at least 75% full. We replace bottles at the latest 24 months after buying.
Wines that are 12 years old or older are excluded from this guarantee.

If anything is not at your satisfaction with our delivery, please let us know within 7 days. Thank you!